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Peter & Lyn Vail

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Music City Celebration III - December 9th, 2019

Lot 5 - Showtime x Blanche the 2x WDE Grand Champion

Lots 9 - 12 -Blexy Daughters! 

         Lot 9 - Blexys Crush Budweiser - 1st Winter Calf & Reserve Jr Champion WDE 2019!

         Lot 10 - Blexys Doorman Bailey - +2.34T - Donor Dam 

         Lot 11 - Blexys Unix Bellagio - +2.72T

         Lot 12 - Unix Heifer Calf born September 2019

Lot 15 - 1st Choice from Cheers!

Lot 42 - 1st Choice from 2 Unstopabull x Budjon-Vail AB Angelique

Lot 44 -1st Choice of 2 Crush x Subliminal 

For more information on these great pedigreed animals check out their catalog at the link below!

Catalog Link Here

Budjon Donor Book

We have many embryos available, please take a look at our donor book and reach out to Tom for more information 

Catalog Link Here

Destiny Defined!

Thank you to all who attended and supported the Define your Destiny sale on May 19th! We appreciate your support and wish you all the best with your investments! 



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Here is a full sale report.